Attorney General Rate Committee
Attorney General
67-5-34 UCA
4 times per year
2 years

(a) There is created a rate committee that consists of:
(i) the executive director of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget, or the executive director's designee; and
(ii) the executive directors of six state agencies that use or are likely to use services and pay rates to the Office of the Attorney General's internal service fund, appointed by the governor for a two-year term, or the executive directors' designees.
(b) The rate committee shall elect a chair from the rate committee's members.
(2) Each member of the rate committee who is a state government employee and does not receive salary, per diem, or expenses from the member's agency for the member's service on the rate committee shall receive no compensation, benefits, per diem, or expenses for the member's service on the rate committee.
(3) The Office of the Attorney General shall provide staff services to the rate committee.
(4) The Office of the Attorney General shall submit to the rate committee a proposed rate and fee schedule for legal services rendered by the Office of the Attorney General to an agency.
(a) The rate committee shall:
(i) conduct meetings in accordance with Title 52, Chapter 4, Open and Public Meetings Act;
(ii) review the proposed rate and fee schedules and, at the rate committee's discretion, approve, increase, or decrease the rate and fee schedules;
(iii) recommend a proposed rate and fee schedule for the internal service fund to:
(A) the Governor's Office of Management and Budget; and
(B) each legislative appropriations subcommittee that, in accordance with Section 63J-1-410, approves the internal service fund rates, fees, and budget; and
(iv) review and approve, increase or decrease an interim rate, fee, or amount when the office begins a new service or introduces a new product between annual general sessions of the Legislature.
(b) The committee may, in accordance with Subsection 63J-1-410(4), decrease a rate, fee, or amount that has been approved by the Legislature.



Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Amon, Rich Member Utah System of Higher Education 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Bradshaw, Becky A. Member Utah Dept. of Transportation 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Brasher, Mark L. Member Dept. of Human Services 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Evans, Duncan Member Governor's Office of Management & Budget 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Hansen, Ken Member Dept. of Administrative Services 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Smith, Scott W. Member Tax Commission 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020
Styler, Mike Member Dept. of Natural Resources 9/10/2018 09/10/2018 9/10/2020