Motorcycle Rider Education Advisory Committee
Public Safety
53-3-908 UCA
4 times per year
4 years
Per Diem And Expenses
Stromberg, Kurt

Amended 2010 General Session

(1) The governor shall appoint a five-member program advisory committee to assist in the development and implementation of the program.
(2) The committee members shall be appointed by the governor as follows:
(a) one representative of motorcycle retail dealers;
(b) one representative of peace officers;
(c) one citizen not affiliated with a motorcycle dealer, manufacturer, or association;
(d) one motorcycle safety foundation instructor or chief instructor; and
(e) one member of an incorporated motorcycle rider organization.
(3) All members of the advisory committee shall be licensed motorcyclists.
(a) Except as required by Subsection (4)(b), as terms of current committee members expire, the governor shall appoint each new member or reappointed member to a four-year term.
(b) The governor shall, at the time of appointment or reappointment, adjust the length of terms to ensure that the terms of committee members are staggered so that approximately half of the committee is appointed every two years.
(c) The committee shall meet at the call of the director.
(5) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, the replacement shall be appointed for the unexpired term.
(6) A member may not receive compensation or benefits for the member's service, but may receive per diem and travel expenses in accordance with:
(a) Section 63A-3-106;
(b) Section 63A-3-107; and
(c) rules made by the Division of Finance pursuant to Sections 63A-3-106 and 63A-3-107.


Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Taylor, Rudy A. Member (b) Peace Officer 4/1/2011 04/01/2011 9/30/2015