Utah Athletic Foundation Board Of Directors
SJR 001 2007 General Session & Bylaws Of UAF
4 times per year
3 years
Travel Expenses Only
Hilton, Colin

Riviere, Caitlin S.

The Utah Athletic Foundation bylaws provides for a board of directors of up to 19 members in accordance with the following standards:

(a) no more than five board members may hold public elective office;
(b) the board shall include at least one member residing in and representing the interests of Salt Lake County;
(c) the board shall include at least one member residing in and who is familiar with the needs and interests of Summit County; and
(d) the board shall include at least two members representing the interests of athletes using the facilities owned, managed or maintained by the Utah Athletic Foundation

The Board of Directors shall nominate at least three individuals for any open position on the board, which may include the current board member. The governor shall appoint one of the nominees, subject to the consent of the senate. The governor may reject the nominees and request a new list of at least three nominees for the position. The governor, with the consent of the senate, must appoint within 60 days from the date the list is submitted or the list shall be considered rejected and the board shall submit a new list to the governor. Initial members of the board may be reappointed to one or more additional three year terms. All members shall be appointed to staggered three-year terms and may be reappointed.


Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Member U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association N/A 3/1/2021
Eccles, Spencer F. Member Initial trustee and member of SLOC 3/1/2018 03/01/2018 3/1/2021
Gochnour, Natalie Member Salt Lake Chamber/Salt Lake Co. Representative 10/15/2008 03/01/2018 3/1/2021
Hopkins, C. Brett Chair At Large Member 2/1/2019 02/01/2019 2/1/2022
Hutchings, Eric K. Member Salt Lake County Representative 2/16/2011 03/01/2018 3/1/2021
Kearns, Becky Member At Large Member 2/1/2017 02/01/2017 2/1/2020
Larson, John B. Member At Large Member 2/1/2017 02/01/2017 2/1/2020
Mazzolini, Molly Member At Large Member 2/5/2019 02/05/2019 3/1/2022
Nelson, Courtland Member Wasatch Co. Representative 2/1/2017 02/01/2017 2/1/2020
Niederhauser, Wayne Member At Large Member 3/1/2019 03/01/2019 3/1/2022
Pikus Pace, Noelle Member Athlete Representative 2/5/2019 02/05/2019 3/1/2022
Raney Norman, Catherine Vice-chair Athlete Representative 3/1/2018 03/01/2018 3/1/2021
Thomas, Grant Member At Large Member 2/1/2013 02/01/2016 2/1/2019
Varela, Vicki Member At Large Member 3/1/2018 03/01/2018 3/1/2021
Wheaton, Bob Member Summit Co. Representative 2/16/2011 03/01/2018 3/1/2021