Board Of Pardons And Parole
77-27-2 UCA
0 times per year
5 years
The Governor Shall Establish The Salaries.
Johnson, Greg

Amended 2011 General Session

(1) There is created the Board of Pardons and Parole. The board shall consist of five full-time members and not more than five pro tempore members to be appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate as provided in this section. The members of the board shall be resident citizens of the state. The governor shall establish salaries for the members of the board within the salary range fixed by the Legislature in Title 67, Chapter 22, State Officer Compensation.

(2) (a) (i) The full-time board members shall serve terms of five years. The terms of the full-time members shall be staggered so one board member is appointed for a term of five years on March 1 of each year.

(ii) The pro tempore members shall serve terms of five years, beginning on March 1 of the year of appointment, with no more than one pro tempore member term beginning or expiring in the same calendar year. If a pro tempore member vacancy occurs, the board may submit the names of not fewer than three or more than five persons to the governor for appointment to fill the vacancy.

(b) All vacancies occurring on the board for any cause shall be filled by the governor with the consent of the Senate pursuant to this section for the unexpired term of the vacating member.

(c) The governor may at any time remove any member of the board for inefficiency, neglect of duty, malfeasance or malfeasance in office, or for cause upon a hearing.

(d) A member of the board may not hold any other office in the government of the United States, this state or any other state, or of any county government or municipal corporation within a state. A member may not engage in any occupation or business inconsistent with the member's duties.

(e) A majority of the board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business, including the holding of hearings at any time or any location within or without the state, or for the purpose of exercising any duty or authority of the board. Action taken by a majority of the board regarding whether parole, pardon, commutation, termination of sentence, or remission of fines or forfeitures may be granted or restitution ordered in individual cases is deemed the action of the board. A majority vote of the five full-time members of the board is required for adoption of rules or policies of general applicability as provided by statute. However, a vacancy on the board does not impair the right of the remaining board members to exercise any duty or authority of the board as long as a majority of the board remains.


Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Cochran, Carrie Member Full Time Member 2/23/2017 03/01/2019 2/29/2024
Harms, Clark A. Member Full-time Member 3/1/2016 03/01/2016 2/28/2021
Johnson, Greg Chair Full-time member 2/5/2019 02/05/2019 2/28/2022
McCully, Sharon P. Member Pro-Tempore Member 8/21/2019 08/21/2019 2/28/2021
Micklos, Angela Member Full-time Member 3/1/2015 03/01/2015 2/28/2020
Porter, Denise M. Member Full-time Member 3/1/2016 02/28/2018 2/28/2023
Rich, Bradley P. Member Pro-Tempore Member 3/1/2014 03/01/2017 2/28/2022
Rogers, Kristine M. Member Pro- Tempore Member 3/1/2019 03/01/2019 2/29/2024
Roth, Stephen L. Member Pro-Tempore Member 2/5/2019 02/05/2019 2/28/2020
Yeates, Robert S. Member Pro-Tempore Member 8/23/2017 02/28/2018 2/28/2023