Utah Marriage Commission
Human Services
62A-1-120 UCA
0 times per year
4 years
Schvaneveldt, Paul

Rees, Camilla

Amended 2018 General Session
62A-1-120. Utah Marriage Commission.

(1) As used in this section, "commission" means the Utah Marriage Commission created by this section.
(2) There is created within the department the "Utah Marriage Commission."
(3) The commission shall consist of 17 members appointed as follows:
(a) two members of the Senate appointed by the president of the Senate;
(b) two members of the House of Representatives appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives;
(c) six current or former representatives from marriage and family studies departments, social or behavioral sciences departments, health sciences departments, colleges of law, or other related and supporting departments at institutions of higher education in this state, as shall be appointed by the governor;
(d) five representatives selected and appointed by the governor from among the following groups:
(i) social workers who are or have been licensed under Title 58, Chapter 60, Part 2, Social Worker Licensing Act;
(ii) psychologists who are or have been licensed under Title 58, Chapter 61, Psychologist Licensing Act;
(iii) physicians who are or have been board certified in psychiatry and are or have been licensed under Title 58, Chapter 67, Utah Medical Practice Act;
(iv) marriage and family therapists who are or have been licensed under Title 58, Chapter 60, Part 3, Marriage and Family Therapist Licensing Act;
(v) representatives of faith communities;
(vi) public health professionals;
(vii) representatives of domestic violence prevention organizations; or
(viii) legal professionals; and
(e) two representatives of the general public appointed by the members of the commission appointed under Subsections (3)(a) through (d).
(a) A member appointed under Subsections (3)(c) through (e) shall serve for a term of four years. A member may be appointed for subsequent terms.
(b) Notwithstanding Subsection (4)(a), the governor shall, at the time of appointment or reappointment, adjust the length of terms to ensure that the terms of commission members are staggered so that approximately half of the commission is appointed every two years.
(c) A commission member shall serve until a replacement is appointed and qualified.
(d) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, the replacement shall be appointed for the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.
(a) The commission shall annually elect a chair from its membership.
(b) The commission shall hold meetings as needed to carry out its duties. A meeting may be held on the call of the chair or a majority of the commission members.
(c) Nine commission members constitute a quorum and, if a quorum exists, the action of a majority of commission members present constitutes the action of the commission.
(a) A commission member who is not a legislator may not receive compensation or benefits for the commission member's service, but may receive per diem and travel expenses as allowed in:
(i) Section 63A-3-106;
(ii) Section 63A-3-107; and
(iii) rules made by the Division of Finance according to Sections 63A-3-106 and 63A-3-107.
(b) Compensation and expenses of a commission member who is a legislator are governed by Section 36-2-2 and Legislative Joint Rules, Title 5, Legislative Compensation and Expenses.
(7) The department shall staff the commission.
(8) The commission shall:
(a) promote coalitions and collaborative efforts to uphold and encourage a strong and healthy culture of strong and lasting marriages and stable families;
(b) contribute to greater awareness of the importance of marriage and leading to reduced divorce and unwed parenthood in the state;
(c) promote public policies that support marriage;
(d) promote programs and activities that educate individuals and couples on how to achieve strong, successful, and lasting marriages, including promoting and assisting in the offering of:
(i) events;
(ii) classes and services, including those designed to promote strong, healthy, and lasting marriages and prevent domestic violence;
(iii) marriage and relationship education conferences for the public and professionals; and
(iv) enrichment seminars;
(e) actively promote measures designed to maintain and strengthen marriage, family, and the relationships between spouses and parents and children;
(f) support volunteerism and private financial contributions and grants in partnership with the commission and in support of the commission's purposes and activities for the benefit of the state as provided in this section;
(g) regularly publicize information on premarital counseling and education services available in the state that comply with Section 30-1-34;
(h) approve an online course meeting the requirements of Section 30-1-34; and
(i) for purposes of Section 30-1-34, recognize one or more national organizations that certify family life educators.
(9) Funding for the commission shall be as approved by the Legislature through annual appropriations and the added funding sought by the commission from private contributions and grants that support the duties of the commission described in Subsection (8).



Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Albertsen, Elizabeth J. Member (d-viii) Legal professional 8/15/2019 08/15/2019 5/1/2023
Bagley, Nate Member (e) Appointed by the commission 11/16/2018 11/16/2018 5/1/2021
Ballard, Melissa Ex-Officio (b) House of Representatives 5/1/2019 05/01/2019 N/A
Burchett, Veola Member (d-v) Faith-based organization rep. 5/1/2013 05/01/2017 5/1/2022
Christensen, Allen Ex-Officio (a) Senate 10/1/2014 10/01/2014 N/A
Duncan, Stephen F. Vice-chair (c) University Marriage & Family 8/8/2018 08/08/2018 5/1/2022
Fawcett, Elizabeth Member (c) University Marriage & Family 2/12/2018 02/12/2018 5/1/2022
Hillyard, Lyle W. Ex-Officio (a) Senate 5/1/2013 05/01/2013 N/A
Jarvis, Mark O. Member (c) University Marriage & Family 5/1/2015 05/01/2019 5/1/2023
Larsen Rife, Dannelle Member (c) University Marriage & Family 2/1/2017 05/01/2017 5/1/2021
LeCheminant, J. Douglas Member (d-i) Licensed Social Worker 11/6/2018 11/06/2018 5/1/2022
Moss, Carol S. Ex-Officio (b) House of Representatives 5/1/2013 05/01/2013 N/A
Schramm, David G. Member (c) University Marriage & Family 2/1/2017 05/01/2019 5/1/2023
Schvaneveldt, Paul Chair (c) University Marriage & Family 5/1/2013 05/01/2019 5/1/2023
Shipp, Lola N. Member (e) Appointed by the commission 8/15/2019 08/15/2019 5/1/2023
White, Gerald R. Member (d-v) Faith-based organization rep. 2/1/2017 05/01/2017 5/1/2021