Utah Arts Council Board Of Directors
Heritage and Arts
9-6-204 UCA
4 times per year
4 years
Per Diem And Necessary Expenses
Bourns, Victoria P.

Petersen, Natalie

Starr, Emilie

Amended 2012 General Session

The board shall consist of 13 members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Nine board members shall be working artists in the following areas:

(a) visual arts
(b) architecture or design
(c) literature
(d) music
(e) sculpture
(f) folklore and folk arts
(g) theatre
(h) dance
(i) media arts

4 board members shall be citizens knowledgeable in the arts.

The members shall be appointed from the state at large with due consideration for geographical representation.

The governor shall annually select one of the board members as chair.


Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Arnett, Lisa Member (b) Architect 2/23/2017 02/23/2017 6/30/2021
Davis, Jansen N. Chair (g) Theater Arts Representative 12/1/2015 07/01/2019 6/30/2023
Gochnour, Caitlin Member Community Representative - Ogden 6/1/2014 07/01/2016 6/30/2020
Jacobs, Johann Member (h) Dance Representative 7/1/2017 07/01/2017 6/30/2021
Jorgensen, Amy Member (a) Visual Arts 2/23/2017 02/23/2017 6/30/2021
Kawashima, Kimi P. Member (d) Music Representative 7/1/2019 07/01/2019 6/30/2023
Prokop, Heidi Member Community Representative - Salt Lake City 1/13/2016 07/01/2017 6/30/2021
Romney, Clive Member (f) Folklore and Folk Arts Representative 8/15/2012 07/01/2016 6/30/2020
Sorenson, Krista Member Community Representative 7/13/2016 07/13/2016 6/30/2020
Transfield, Leroy G. Member (e) Sculptor 2/5/2019 02/05/2019 6/30/2023
Verdoia, Ken Member (i) Media Arts 9/18/2013 07/01/2017 6/30/2021
Wilson, Jeni C. Member Community Representative 7/1/2018 07/01/2018 6/30/2022
Young, Natalie Member (c) Literacy Representative 12/20/2017 12/20/2017 6/30/2021