Interagency Coordinating Council For Infants And Toddlers With Special Needs
Part C, Individuals W/ Disabilities Education Act
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4 years
McStotts, Joyce

Coleman, Betsy

Federal Bylaws updated January 27, 2010

The council must be composed of the following:

Section 1. All members and/or agency positions of the Interagency Coordinating Council shall be appointed by the Governor. In making appointments to the Council, the Governor shall ensure that the membership of the Council reasonably represents the population of the State.
Section 2 . The membership of the ICC is defined by PL 108-446 Sec. 641(b) and must be composed of the following:
A. At least 20 percent of the members must be parents, including minority parents, of infants or toddlers with disabilities or children with disabilities aged 12 years or younger, with knowledge of, or experience with, programs for infants and toddlers with disabilities. At least one parent member must be a parent of an infant or toddler with a disability or a child with a disability aged six years or younger. A parent member may not be an employee of a public or private agency involved in providing early intervention services.
B. At least 20 percent of the members must be public or private providers of early intervention services.
C. At least one member must be from the State legislature.
D. At least one member must be involved in personnel preparation.
E. At least 1 person from the State educational agency responsible for pre-school services to children with disabilities and have sufficient authority to engage in policy planning and implementation on behalf of the SEA.
F. At least one member must be from each of the State agencies involved in the provision of, or payment for, Children'™s Special Health Care Needs early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families; and have sufficient authority to engage in policy planning and implementation on behalf of these agencies.
G. At least 1 member must be from the agency responsible for the State Medicaid program.
H. A least 1 member must be from a Early Head Start agency or program in the State.
I. A least 1 member must be from a state agency responsible for child care.
J. At least 1 member must be from the agency responsible for the State regulation of health insurance.
K. At least one member must be a representative designated by the Office of the Coordination of Education of Homeless Children and Youth.
Last updated 12/22/2009 Interagency Coordinating Council 5 Orientation Manual
L. At least one member must be a representative from the State child welfare agency responsible for foster care.
M. At least one member must be from the Division of Mental Health.
Section 3. The following are ex-oficio members and are appointed by their agency and do not have term limits:
A. Personnel preparation representative
B. Pre-school services representative
C. Children with Special Health Care Needs representative
D. State Medicaid representative
E. Early Head Start representative
F. Child care representative
G. State health insurance regulation representative
H. Homeless children and youth representative
I. Foster care representative
J. Mental health representative
K. Legislative Coalition representative.
L. Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind representative
M. Utah Family Voices representative
Section 4. The persons on the Interagency Coordinating Council representing State agencies should have sufficient authority to do policy planning and implementation on behalf of their agency.
Section 5. Nominees and Replacements
A. Nominees to fill ICC membership vacancies will be recruited and be representative of the state'™s diverse population.
B. The term of appointment of non-agency Council members shall be four years. Upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, members may be recommended for one additional term and voted on by the full ICC.
i. Recommendation for an additional term will be through consensus of the Executive Committee.
ii. In the case that a member of the Executive Committee is being considered for an additional term, that person shall recues themselves from the discussion and voting.
iii. The recommendation shall then be sent to the ICC for vote.
Last updated 12/22/2009 Interagency Coordinating Council 6 Orientation Manual
C. The Executive Committee of the ICC shall recommend to the Governor that a member of the Council be replaced upon resignation, or if there have been three consecutive unexcused absences of that person at scheduled ICC meetings.
i. In the case of three (3) unexcused absences of an Ex-officio member, the Executive of the ICC shall recommend to their sponsoring agency that the member be replaced.
Section 6. Other members may include the following:
A. Members of the existing Governor'™s Council for People with Disabilities, Disability Law Center, and a consumer representative. These persons may also qualify to serve as a parent of a disabled child birth through six.
B. A representative from BIA, or if no BIA operated or funded school, from the Indian Health Services or the tribe/tribal council.
C. A representative from an H.M.O. or other managed-care organization.
D. Others as appointed by the Governor upon recommendation from the ICC.
Section 7. At the discretion of the ICC, various liaisons may be invited to participate in Council meetings, but will NOT have voting privileges.


Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Anderson, Coreen Member (2.B) Provider Representative 11/1/2014 11/01/2018 10/31/2022
Atherton, Sarah D. Ex-Officio (3.F) Child Care Representative 11/1/2018 11/01/2018 10/31/2022
Backus, Carrie A. Ex-Officio (3.G) Health Insurance Representative 11/1/2018 11/01/2018 N/A
Borg, Karen D. Ex-Officio (3.L) School for Blind 1/1/2012 01/01/2012 N/A
Bowe, Melissa Ex-Officio (3.B) Agency Representative - Pre-School 11/1/2017 11/01/2017 N/A
Callor, Katherine Ex-Officio (3.E) Agency Representative 11/1/2016 11/01/2016 N/A
Dailey-Provost, Jennifer L. Member (2.C) State Legislator 3/5/2019 03/05/2019 2/28/2023
Davenport, Lisa Ex-Officio (2.F) Lead Agency Representative 12/1/2016 12/01/2016 N/A
Doutre, Sara M. Member (2.A) Parent Representative 5/1/2016 05/01/2016 4/30/2020
Durham, Leslie F. Member (2.B) Provider Representative 2/12/2018 02/12/2018 1/31/2022
Evans, Christine Ex-Officio (3.M) Utah Family Voices Representative 11/1/2017 11/01/2017 N/A
Ferre, Janis Ex-Officio (3.K) Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities 1/1/2018 01/01/2018 N/A
Fiechtl, Barbara J. Ex-Officio (3.A) Personnel Preparation Representative 9/1/2011 09/01/2011 N/A
Garcia, Kelly M. Ex-Officio (3.D) Medicaid Representative 5/1/2016 05/01/2016 N/A
Larson, Anne Ex-Officio (3.A) Personnel Prep Representative 2/12/2018 02/12/2018 N/A
Lewis, Kelsey K. Member (2.B) Provider Representative 5/1/2016 05/01/2016 4/30/2020
Morgan, Stephanie M. Ex-Officio (3.L) School for the Deaf 5/1/2018 05/01/2018 4/30/2022
Mower, Shaun Member (2.B) Provider Representative 1/8/2019 01/08/2019 11/30/2020
Nef, Marla K. Member (2.B) Provider Representative 11/1/2016 11/01/2016 11/30/2020
Ojeda, Jeff Ex-Officio (3.H) Homeless Children 5/1/2015 05/01/2015 N/A
Selim, Cassie Ex-Officio (3.I) Foster Care representative 11/1/2014 11/01/2014 N/A
Shock, Kristina M. Ex-Officio (2.F) DSPD 9/1/2013 09/01/2013 N/A
Stock, Ellyse Member (2.A) Parent Representative 5/1/2018 05/01/2018 5/1/2022
Taxin, Noel Ex-Officio (3.C) CSHCN 11/30/2016 11/30/2016 N/A
Thurgood, Codie Ex-Officio (3.J) Mental Health representative 11/1/2017 11/01/2017 N/A
Troop, Gina Member (2.A) Parent Representative 6/1/2015 06/01/2019 5/31/2023
Zeschke, Mandy Member (2.B) Provider Representative 1/8/2019 01/08/2019 1/8/2023