Health Facility Committee
26-21-3 UCA
0 times per year
4 years
Per Diem And Necessary Expenses
Hoffman, Joel

Jessop, Kimberlee

Amended 2011 General Session

(1) The Health Facility Committee created by Section 26-1-7 consists of 15 members appointed by the governor with the consent of the Senate. The appointed members shall be knowledgeable about health care facilities and issues. The membership of the committee is:
(a) one physician, licensed to practice medicine and surgery under Title 58, Chapter 67, Utah Medical Practice Act, or Title 58, Chapter 68, Utah Osteopathic Medical Practice Act, who is a graduate of a regularly chartered medical school;
(b) one hospital administrator;
(c) one hospital trustee;
(d) one representative of a freestanding ambulatory surgical facility;
(e) one representative of an ambulatory surgical facility that is affiliated with a hospital;
(f) two representatives of the nursing care facility industry;
(g) one registered nurse, licensed to practice under Title 58, Chapter 31b, Nurse Practice Act;
(h) one professional in the field of intellectual disabilities not affiliated with a nursing care facility;
(i) one licensed architect or engineer with expertise in health care facilities;
(j) two representatives of assisted living facilities licensed under this chapter;
(k) two consumers, one of whom has an interest in or expertise in geriatric care; and
(l) one representative from either a home health care provider or a hospice provider.
(a) Except as required by Subsection (2)(b), members shall be appointed for a term of four years.
(b) Notwithstanding the requirements of Subsection (2)(a), the governor shall, at the time of appointment or reappointment, adjust the length of terms to ensure that the terms of committee members are staggered so that approximately half of the committee is appointed every two years.
(c) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, the replacement shall be appointed for the unexpired term by the governor, giving consideration to recommendations made by the committee, with the consent of the Senate.
(d) A member may not serve more than two consecutive full terms or 10 consecutive years, whichever is less. However, a member may continue to serve as a member until he is replaced.
(e) The committee shall annually elect from its membership a chair and vice chair.
(f) The committee shall meet at least quarterly, or more frequently as determined by the chair or five members of the committee.
(g) Eight members constitute a quorum. A vote of the majority of the members present constitutes action of the committee.



Board member Type Qualification Original Appointment Current Appointment Expiration
Member (c) a hospital trustee N/A N/A
Albrechtsen, Bradley C. Member (f) Nursing Care Facility Representative 5/15/2019 05/15/2019 7/1/2023
Banks, Douglas L. Member (i) Health Facilities Architect Representative 5/18/2016 05/18/2016 7/1/2020
Carter, Kristina Member (l) one representative from either a home health care provider or a hospice provider. 3/6/2018 03/06/2018 7/1/2022
Etherington, Christopher R. Member (j) Assisted Living Facilities 8/21/2019 08/21/2019 7/1/2023
Fickett, Danece T. Member (d) Rep. of freestanding ambulatory surgical facilities 2/16/2011 07/01/2016 7/1/2020
Flint, Lou Jean Member (k) consumer 8/1/2015 08/01/2019 7/1/2023
Frost, Janice K. Member (k) consumer with expertise in geriatric care 5/16/2018 05/16/2018 7/1/2022
Grant, Steven P. Member (g) registered nurse 2/13/2020 02/13/2020 7/1/2024
Johns, Dale A. Member (b) Hospital Administrator Representative 1/1/2015 01/01/2019 7/1/2023
Leeman, Earl K. Member (a) one physician, licensed to practice medicine 7/1/2012 07/01/2016 7/1/2020
Lindman, Abraham Member (e) Rep. of ambulatory surgery centers affiliated with a hospital 11/20/2019 11/20/2019 7/1/2023
Monson, Scott B. Member (j) Assisted Living Facilities 3/1/2014 07/01/2016 7/1/2020
Robison, Cory R. Member (f) Nursing Care Facility Representative 2/13/2020 02/13/2020 7/1/2024