Board Of Juvenile Court Judges
Administrative Office Of The Courts
78A-6-203 UCA
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Amended 2009
(1) (a) The Judicial Council shall by rule establish a Board of Juvenile Court Judges.
(b) The board shall establish general policies for the operation of the juvenile courts and uniform rules and forms governing practice, consistent with the provisions of this chapter, the rules of the Judicial Council, and rules of the Supreme Court.
(c) The board may receive and expend any funds that may become available from the federal government or private sources to carry out any of the purposes of this chapter.
(i) The board may meet any federal requirements that are conditions precedent to receiving the funds.
(ii) The board may cooperate with the federal government in a program for training personnel employed or preparing for employment by the juvenile court and may receive and expend funds from federal or state sources or from private donations for these purposes.
(iii) Funds donated or paid to the juvenile court by private sources for the purpose of compensatory service programs shall be nonlapsing.
(iv) The board may:
(A) contract with public or nonprofit institutions of higher learning for the training of personnel;
(B) conduct short-term training courses of its own and hire experts on a temporary basis for this purpose; and
(C) cooperate with the Division of Child and Family Services and other state departments or agencies in personnel training programs.
(d) The board may contract, on behalf of the juvenile court, with the United States Forest Service or other agencies or departments of the federal government or with agencies or departments of other states for the care and placement of minors adjudicated under this chapter.
(e) The powers to contract and expend funds are subject to budgetary control and procedures as provided by law.
(2) Under the direction of the presiding officer of the council, the chair shall supervise the juvenile courts to ensure uniform adherence to law and to the rules and forms adopted by the Supreme Court and Judicial Council, and to promote the proper and efficient functioning of the juvenile courts.
(3) The judges of districts having more than one judge shall elect a presiding judge. In districts comprised of five or more judges and court commissioners, the presiding judge shall receive an additional $1,000 per annum as compensation.
(4) Consistent with policies of the Judicial Council, the presiding judge shall:
(a) implement policies of the Judicial Council;
(b) exercise powers and perform administrative duties as authorized by the Judicial Council;
(c) manage the judicial business of the district; and
(d) call and preside over meetings of judges of the district.


There are no positions present in this board.